Simon Moorleghen-Volpe

I graduated from Pennsylvania State University in August, 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. My coursework included Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Database Management, Systems Programming, Algorithms and Operating Systems.
Although I am lacking in proven work experience, I am very eager to grow my skills to become as efficient as possible within the workforce.

I started this project after watching a video describing the types of joint nodes within the Godot game engine. I am using a primarily using C# for the scripting of game objects, and the engine's native language, GDScript, for scripting the control of the game's scenes.

Currently, I have implemented a very basic level select menu, control of the player, the goal objects to be collected in each level, and buttons to activate and deactivate connected objects in the levels. Most of this can be seen in the video below.

I started this project to learn mroe about the Godot game engine and to personally implement some design strategies I have seen in videos. My current ideas for this game is that levels are randomly generated from a premade selection of levels like in other games such as The Binding of Isaac. Upon collecting the cookies or reaching the end the player earns points with the goal of earning as many points as possible.

What is currently implemented is the player movement, the collectable cookies, and the level generator. The game currently supports both keyboard and controller inputs.

Using the Praw library, I scraped comments from the top 750 posts of all time from the League of Legends subreddit community. With that data saved, I then created a program to take in a number n to create an n-gram language model using that data.

As I was creating and saving the models, I ran into issues of optimization where it could take dozens of minutes to finish creating a model when applying smoothing. I went through and optimized my smoothing function to better save on space and increase speed, resulting in it taking a couple seconds to create a model instead of minutes.

Here is my github page with sentences generated from the various models stored as text files.

Phone Number: 412-477-4041


I am most likely to respond to emails.

I am most consistently available between 2pm and 4pm EST.